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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

STEMfest 2015 - Saskatoon, Canada

Although 2015 has only just started, planning ahead is always a good thing.
Especially when you are planning a festival to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, 


you're expecting 1200 delegates from 55 different countries, including 13 international conference within the same week

(14th International Conference on Clean Energy 2015
9th Global Conference on Power Control and Optimisation
3rd Safety Conference: World Conference on Safety in Science, Industry and Education
8th International Conference on Crop Science
1st STEMfest Space and Astronomy Forum
to name a few)


you're planning 28 different events to happen in the same venue

(Politicians and Policy Forum
International GameJam
Career Day
International Union of Forest Research
Ride2Learn World By Cycle Adventure
to name a few)

So what are you waiting for?
Abstract submission is now open

More updates will follow....

(and just in case you are wondering how I fit into all this, your can bet that I have Science Outreach and Kids in mind... Stay tuned)

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