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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Supporting girls through their exploration of science interest

I just saw Verizon's ad last night. If you haven't, check it out:

( from last night until this morning a few more 100,000's views were added!!!!)

The message is clear. Our words have an impact on our daughters' choices. It shapes the way the perceive themselves, the way they navigate themselves through life.
We should all do our best to nurture the interest of our children (both girls AND boys). To listen to them, to support them in their quest for learning.

A report published earlier this year also looked at the factors that shape girls' attitude towards STEM careers. Their main conclusion was that "the only effective means of increasing the likelihood for girls to consider STEM careers is by engaging them in highly active STEM activities"

Let us nurture dreams, not suppress them.
Not all girls are interested in STEM subject, same as not all boys are.
But for the ones that are, we should not discourage them.

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