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Monday, 3 March 2014

STEM outreach opportunities

Let's assume you are a scientist in Ontario, Canada.
Let's also assume that you think/believe/feel/know that STEM outreach is important and you wish to do something about.

What should you do? Where shall you go? Whom can you work/volunteer with?

If you're looking the answers to any of the questions above, I hope the list below can help you find some opportunities for some great outreaching. The list is in no particular order, and I can't say I have any specific recommendation (disclosure: I am currently engaged with a non-profit but I did try to create an objective complication of STEM outreach organizations)

The list is far from being complete, and will grow with time.
If you know of a STEM outreach organization, send me a message and share with me so I can share it back by adding it to the list.

Academic institutions:
(needles to say that universities are at a perfect position to offer such opporunities)

UofT Engineering Outreach
University of Toronto's Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering's Outreach program offers many opportunities for both boys and girls, young and old (by old I mean high school).

University of Waterloo Engineering Science Quest
Started more than 20 years ago, this program has evolved to include camps and school visits.

Western University's Faculty of Engineering Outreach
Summer camps for the younger kids, summer academy for the older ones and dedicated girl clubs.

McMaster University's Engineering Outreach program
Offering summer camps for children, aboriginal outreach programs and more

There are actually so many universities and colleges across Canada which offer STEM outreach programs that it would be a very long list.
Luckily, Acuta is a charity organization whose members are post-secondary institutions which deliver STEM outreach programs.

Charities/ Non-profits
There are many private organizations, some charitable some non-profits, some working locally in specific communities, some all across Ontario and even across Canada.

Let's Talk Science
A national charity working for just over 20 years all across Canada engaging students and education in STEM programs.

Youth Science Ontario
A non-profit which supports community-based regional science organizations.

Scientists In Schools
A charity working for 25 years in Ontario and Alberta, providing STEM hands-on progrmas

Science Rendezvous
A national annual science festival that takes science out of the lab and into the street.

Pueblo Science
A non-profit providing science summer camp and outreach events to promote STEM learning.

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