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Monday, 13 May 2013

Look me in the eye and tell me this doesn't look like fun

My last post was a heads up for Science Rendezvous, an annual science festival held across Canada, which aims to "present a unified voice on the importance of science to society, and collectively generate a culture of discovery and innovation in Canada."

Bringing science to the people is, for me, an endeavor of great importance.
It shows people the complexity, the versatility, and most importance the omniprescence of science in everything we encounter in our lives.

Science and Technology enabled so many things that we take for granted:

Electricity (beofre, fire was the only way to produce light)
Refrigeration (before, you needed ice to cool stuff)
Engines (before, horses were used as the best means of transportation)
Medicine (before, mortality was so much higher)
Electronics (did people have blogs before computers were invented?)
Communications (when couriers and pigeons were the fastest way to share information over distances)

I'm just reading a book about the history of Science and Technology in the twentieth century, which brings so many exapmles of inventions and discoveries that have lead to great effects on human society (whether for better or worse we can argue on a different blog)

So shaking up scientists from their labs, getting them to face the public, stare them in the eyes and say "isn't this great?" is a reminder we all need.

Just take a look at all these great displays of science:

A water based organ:

A rover robot:

The Bernoulli Effect (source:

A giant colon you can walk through (source:

A fire tornado (source:

Can't wait to see what they come up with next year....

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