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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I have a friend. Her name is Oxygen.

I must start with an apology. I am not an apologetic guy, but I know when an apology is warranted (or so I would like to believe).
My last post was over a month ago, when I just came back from vacation. It took me this long to catch up on myself and find the right state of mind to write yet another post.
I hope you understand...

Yesterday I had a really amazing discussion with a good friend of mine, Dorea Reeser.
An altogether amazing person. She and a few friends had won the Scientific American Iron Egghead contest, making a video explaining adrenal glands in a funny and approachable fashion:

She then went on to start her own Facebook page - which addresses the same issue I had raised on February 12 -
Which is all about how people think that "Chemicals" is "Bad", making a gross generalization of our reality (which I think some chemicals will be personally offended!)

The, Dorea got invited by Scientif American to write a bolg post for Scientific America, which was later posted on .
Then she went on and started her own website

As you can see, a very active women.

So, Dorea, following your train of thoughts, I made friends with Oxygen. She is sometimes explosive, but I will suffocate without her. She makes fire burn wild, destroying life, but without her life could not have been there to start with. Such a dipolar personality, don't you think?

I'll make it short, so you can have time to read Dorea's words. Well worth reading...

Until next time...



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