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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Science here, there and everywhere

I like science.
I really do.
Why? I don't know. It's like asking someone why they like the color red.
But thinking back, I always felt comfortable with science subject, like math, physics and chemistry.
It was always so neat that every question had a concise answer.
I always felt uneasy with the humanities subjects, history for example. It always baffled me why the teacher was not happy with a concise answer - straight to the point. She was looking for more elaborate arguments, more background, more stories, more important date, more names, more of everything.

But enough about the past.
This in the now.
And now I am literally immersed in science.

I'm still not done with my Ph.D.
But also, having children of my own, I enjoy interacting with children more. And working with Pueblo Science is an everyday pleasure.

I promise to tell much more about that, but for now, here's what happened today.
This past Sunday, we had a family drop-in science activity which was themed around nature and the environment. As such, we decided to do the "coloring flowers with food colors" activity.
(for those who are not familiar, you take white flowers, cut the stem, put in food colored water, and wait until the color is absorbed by the flower and reaches the petals. Sugar can be added to the water to lengthen the life of the flower.)

And we had leftover flowers. So we gave them to the kindergarten where my daughter attends.
Today she brought her flower home, bright red, but wilting. I mentioned that perhaps the flower needs some food (meaning we should put sugar in the water, as the flower used sugar as a source of energy). My daughter thought about it for a while, and then made the obvious logical conclusion, which puzzled her: "but rain doesn't have sugar in it"!

The first step of any science exploration is observation.
The second step which follows is to make an assumption (or hypothesis)

If only we could all think so sharply as we grow up!

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